Why should I choose DR JTC for medical treatment | surgery in India?
DR. JTC is the First lady Bariatric surgeon in Asia and has operated for more than 40,000 patients across the world. DrJTC is the one to one coordination of the doctor with the patient.
How I save money in India compared to my country ?
In India all medical charges are not high, all charges of medical facilities are in range for common man. So its an important factor for medical tourists seeking treatment in India. Cost of surgery | treatment in India is less compared to USA, With international staandards.
Is it safe to receive medical treatment in a foreign country?
Definately in India with DR. JTC, yes. Treatment with international standards.
Can I speak to the doctor in DR. JTC before going to India?
Yes. DR. JTC affirms to arrange a telephonic consultation with corresponding doctor in DrJTC India ensuring that all of your questions are answered. We provide this as part of our total package. We want you to be totally comfortable with your discussion to come to DrJTC for your medical needs.
Is the quality most important or the cost that I should consider?
First the quality, as we thrive for the best quality and secondly the cost. As cost will be for less expensive when compared to their western counter parts.
Are these cost savings due to lower standards of medicine in India? / DrJTC.
Absolutely not. DR. JTC | DR. JTC is awarded with the International Centre of Excellence. The lower costs are due to encouraging currency conversion rates and lower costs of operating in India.
Why is medical treatment so affordable in India?
For following reasons :-
a. Lower medical education cost.
b. Large number of medical and paramedical colleges.
c. Less infrastructure cost.
d. Minimum insurance cost for practicing doctors (for example doctors in USA require to pay medical malpractice insurance on an average $ 100000 annually).
India’s government focuses to keep rules and regulation in costs of Healthcare Bylaws – No taxes on Healthcare which avoids monopolistic approach for drugs.
Indian government Hospitals offer treatments at free of cost including critical cares. Hence private sector hospitals are bound to keep the overall cost affordable.
Healthy computation with private hospitals.
I don’t know anyone in India. How I will stay and take treatment there?
DR JTC will design a comprehensive package of Healthcare for you. You will stay in the hospital until you are mobile post surgery. While in hospital our attendants, doctors, nurses will take proper care of you.
Is there medical visa for patients opting for treatment in India and do you provide assistance for having them?
Yes. Certainly we do provide assistance but also provide visa, if provided with the required documentation and paper work for getting visa.
How do I make payments after deciding a treatment?
You will be required to make payment according the package. This normally involves 100% advance payment by cheque with the consultation on wire:
Once decided finalized surgery we require your medical reports copy for brief study about illness or the case. Your doctor relative or you can have discussion on phone. Our doctors will give you an opinion on the best effective treatment and chart out a plan how to proceed.
Health Treatment Package
DR. JTC India offers you the best Health Treatment package. Your treatment package depends upon detailed consultation, treatment or surgery plan. Standard health cost structure plan.
Assistance on Visa and Travel
Our consultants provide you a systematic assistance in obtaining Visa for medical treatment. Once Visa is arrived we book your itinerary and also find suitable accommodation which is nearby to our hospital. Ist if a hassle free and a wonderful experience?
We offer easy on pocket and customized medical treatment packages to our patients.
Dr JTC ensures that patients get best ever medical treatments, right from planning medical procedures. We aspire only to make your journey cozy and worthwhile in India with proper doctor follow-ups we help every medical traveler in planning out a medical travel itinerary for treatment. Once landed here, our quality arrangement for the international guests sets an example of great memorable medical tale when they return back to home country. A great level of comfort is experienced right from beginning i.e. from airport pick up till the departure. If required our supportive translation service helps you and your relatives deal with local language conversation. We also take care of your meals and accommodation of your choice.
Before Arrived Service
Patient – DR. JTC relationship begins from the first phone conversation. We make sure our patients receive end to end information and service related to their medical treatment.
We always strive hard to provide a hassle free service to our patients. Our associated doctors and hospitals are world renowned desired accommodation.
We get the best discounted deals to the patients and their families. We arrange your medical stay at 7 stars or 5/4 star hotels whatever you choose. Every single thing like pick-up and drop facility, accommodation, food, travel, translator, service, hospital admission and much more is taken care of comfortable is it.
After Treatment Services
Every patient needs Special Care. The role of communication is to keep track of all your medical needs, whether it is scheduling an appointment or tracking test results. We keep a smart balance between you and our doctors. We inform you in every best possible way using telephone, email or sms/whats app. medical follow-up is the best practice which helps us coordinate al medical activities at optimum level.
DrJTC provides affordable Healthcare facilities along with exotic tourism to the medical traveller. After an exhaustive treatment visiting serene and exotic place can really make a positive difference to your health.
We prepare a detailed pre-operative, post-operative and excursion plan which is very beneficial to :
i) Book and arrange appointments with our doctors, hospital and travel companies.
ii) Arrange consultation face to face with doctor after arrival.
iii) Later coordinate stay, food, transportation before and after surgery.
DrJTC believes in creating a happy and comfortable environment for our patients. India can be very new to the first time visitors. There may be a lot of things going in mind such as food/accommodation/place or a slight discomfort in understanding the language etc. put your thoughts to halt.
Once landed here you feel as its your second home. The first meeting is quite remarkable. You will find our representative very friendly and speaking English fluently. No language barrier at all!
Recieve you at the airport and take you to DR. JTC India.
What if something goes wrong?
Because medical science is not a complete science , sometimes a few unforeseen events may happen and the cost of the treatment may go beyond the said budget ( even tough it is a rare happening ) In that case the patient has to bare the extra cost .
Are you travelling abroad for medical treatment? Consult | call | mail ? and have direct access to the team of experts. We deliver what we say. Indian land itself is a mystic beauty. Enjoy the abundant natural wealth from mountain ranges to a vast coastline if covered in your tourism packages.
What can you expect with DR. JTC
1. One to One dialoge between our team and the patients.
2. Qualified Team of Doctors .
3. Skilled nurses and English speaking staff.
4. Best infrastructure of international quality
5. Well maintained and clean hospital premises.
6. Worlds best medical services and care.
7. Varied healthcare solutions and treatments.
8. Medical visa process assistance.
9. Cure and care
holistic approach


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